30 Free Business Tools For Real Estate – Part 1

30 Free Tools for Your Real Estate Business, Kim Burke Assist My Real Estate Biz

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November is the time of year to give “thanks” for all the blessings in our lives: family, friends, health, business success, just to name a few. In real estate there are a lot of tools and systems that you need to pay for, thankfully here are 30 free business tools for real estate that can greatly help your business! Use these tools to assist you with creating great listings, branding your business and yourself, staying organized, or just adding a little creativity to engage your customers on social media!

I have included a link to either a great post about the  business tool or directly to the tool’s website for more information. Make sure you read to the bottom, you may miss some good ones!

 30 Free Tools for a Real Estate Business

1. Wordle.net – creates a very cool, word cloud, fast! The image above was created by Wordle. Just “pop in” all your words (I used the 30 free business tools for real estate), select the size of the image, color scheme, one of the layouts of words and you’re done!  Create these fun, word clouds for a blog image or for your social media posts.

2. Facebook Business Page -use this free business tool to connect with your community and customers, grow your business, build your brand and “yes”, sprinkle some of your listings on there too!  You should “Like” other local Facebook business pages and include them in your posts! Make sure you post at least once a day! 

3. Twitter – create a tweet, short and sweet…you only have 140 characters!  Use this free tool to share important information to your customers: mortgage updates, curb appeal tips, how to get ready for an open house. Don’t go crazy with the hashtags! Use no more than 2-3 hashtags per tweet.

4. LinkedIn – often an overlooked business tool where you can link with customers, potential customers, join industry related groups, get recommendations and referrals. Make sure that your title has rich keywords in it.  If you sell a “life style,” tell people. Examples of lifestyle titles are: “Luxury Santa Monica Real Estate Broker,” “Beachfront Hilton Head Real Estate Agent,” or  “Miami Beach Condominium Broker.”

5. Pinterest – wow, beautiful visual boards! Pinterest is a wonderful marketing tool for agents to create boards for their: listings, interior decorating ideas, staging tips, curb appeal, sports teams, great restaurants, their real estate team, and so much more!  Add a new board each week and include at least 6 pins on it! I am sure you have heard of The Corcoran Group and how they use Pinterest. Take a look! Warning: Pinterest is fun and addicting! 

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook are all free business tools for your social media marketing! Your clients and potential clients are on these platforms, and you should be too!

6. MailChimp – is a great tool to create, send and track email newsletters, event invitations, online greeting cards and more! If you have less than 2,000 subscribers on your list, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month! That’s a lot of FREE business marketing!

7. WordPress Plugins – if you have a WordPress website or blog, then you probably already know about the super-long list of free and awesome plugins that can boost your site. Here are some of my favorites: Hello Bar, Captain Favicon, Facebook Social Plugin, Google Analytics and Shareaholic.

8. Hoot Suite – is a free business tool that allows you to manage all of your social networks from one dashboard.  You can schedule posts ahead of time to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ business pages (not personal Google+ profiles). Check out this helpful article on Mashable:  The Beginner’s Guide to Hootsuite.

9. Rapportive – shows you everything you need to know about your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox. Your contact’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ profiles are right there allowing you to connect with them faster.  This is a great way to build your online presence.

10. PicMonkey – no monkey business here…this free online photo editor takes your images from good to awesome! Use this free business tool to enhance your listing image. You can crop, re-size, and sharpen pictures before you put them on the MLS, in photo tours, etc. Use it to create a Facebook cover photo like the one below, design beautiful pins for Pinterest and so much more! This is one of my favorite tools!

Assist My Real Estate Biz 30 Free Business Tools




11. Last.Pass – is the last password you have to remember! Are you tired of trying to remember all of your passwords for all of your sites. Try this!

12. Evernote -“remembers everything” and it’s free! Take a picture, save an article from the internet, create checklists for your business or record a meeting with a client, while taking notes!  It is the ultimate life/business organizer! Here is a good read from Inman on how to use Evernote in your real estate business. 

13. Twitter Feed – a simple utility…feed your blog posts to Twitter and more! Check it out this free business tool for real estate!

14. Feedly – this is great for compiling news feeds from a variety of sources. It can be used on different web browsers and mobile devices. 

15. Google+ –  the biggest search engine’s social media platform for branding ourselves!  Seize this opportunity, it’s a free marketing business tool!  Look at this post from Rebekah Radish on personal branding on Google+.

 Oh my… I hope you are still reading. This  post got so long that I had to break it up into 2 parts. So here are the first 15 free business tools for real estate that Assist My Real Estate Biz  is thankful for. Be on the lookout for 30 Free Business Tools for Real Estate- Part 2.  I saved the best for last!

Please share what free tools you use in your real estate business, we will all be thankful that you did!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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PS-I have no affiliations with any agents or companies that I have mentioned in this post.

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