Christine Thornton Kim was instrumental in the development and success of our new hospital fundraising program. Her  sales, customer service experience and work ethic helped grow the businesses to represent 30% of our  overall business within 1 year.

Kim also helped manage the program from prospecting to invoicing as well as helping to oversee any  additional staff to help the program. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone that is looking for strong  sales and support.

~Christine Thornton, Owner- K2M Marketing,  Auburn Hills, Michigan


Marty MercerI hired Kim to sell software into the Operating Room. The OR is a highly competitive area and our competitors were tough and fierce. Kim learned the product and the demonstration quickly and became a tough-minded sales person. She was committed to be the best and she became one of our best reps! She was a very hard worker, focused and determined. Kim took coaching well and was fun to work with. I have watched over the years as Kim moved into different sales jobs and different roles and she was always a top performer. Now, she is starting a new career and venture and I am 100% certain she will become the best in the Virtual Assistant world too!

~Marty Mercer, President at Marty Mercer Inc., Atlanta, GA