Social Media for Real Estate It’s What Agents Need!

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I was watching  my daughter’s soccer game yesterday and talking with my another soccer mom, who happens to be a Realtor, about social media for real estate. I asked her if she uses social media and her response was that she’s a buyer’s agent and doesn’t see the need for it. She could see the benefits of social media, if she were a listing agent to promote her listings. No, no, no…social  media IS what you need! Earlier in our conversation, she said she wished she was a seller’s agent, but she didn’t have a lot of contacts in the area, due to moving here a few years back. Hello~if you used social media for your real estate business you could engage with more people, build relationships and trust and eventually find those potential clients out there looking to list their house.

As you are well aware, consumers today are tech savvy and on-line all the time. It’s a fact that 90% of home buyers start their search on-line. Every real estate agent should be using social media marketing whether they are a seller’s agent or buyer’s agent broker! Social media marketing is a great, low cost tech tool that allows you to promote your brand, give you an on-line presence and drives business back to your website. Let people know you are out there, share real estate tips about: mortgages, curb appeal, preparing for an open house and preparing for a move.  Be a trusted resource  in your community. Remind people of upcoming charity events, great restaurants that have just opened, ask questions, share your thoughts, root for your local sports teams! Show everyone the “real” you, not  the real estate sales person in you!

Social Media for Real Estate is here to stay! You will see your real estate business grow  if you jump on board with social media! So I encourage you to get on Face Book, Twitter and update your Linked In Profile! Make the connections, start conversations and be committed!

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If you are not sure where to start on your social media for your real estate business just let us know. We can get you all set up on social media and ready to roll, we can even maintain your social media marketing!

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